Mountain Cafe, Aviemore

Mountain Cafe

The Mountain Café in Aviemore has just notched up yet another award - this time the icing on top of the cake coming from the Scottish Baking Awards who recently declared it as Scotland's best café.

Pizza Express, Inverness

Published: Thu 16 Oct 2014

Pizza Express

What makes you choose Pizza Express over any of the many other fairly similar eateries of this type around?

River House Restaurant, Inverness

Published: Thu 25 Sep 2014

River House Restaurant

Arriving at The River House would normally entail a stroll across the worryingly bouncy footbridge over the Ness, enjoying the splendid mid-river views of the city afforded from the crossing.

Lochain Bar, Glenmore

Published: Fri 29 Aug 2014

Lochain Bar

We escaped the madness that is Thunder in the Glens weekend in Aviemore and headed up to Glenmore for some fresh air and a wee stroll around Loch Morlich.

One Pot Borrowed, Inverdruie

Published: Thu 31 Jul 2014

One Pot Borrowed

A visit to One Pot Borrowed will rekindle some fond - and some not so fond memories - for diners of a particular vintage who are native to the Aviemore area!

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