The Winking Owl, Aviemore

The Winking Owl

The Winking Owl is Aviemore's oldest pub and used to be one of the busiest, but for the past few years it has sadly been in the Doldrums and even had the 'closed' sign up.

Mountain Cafe, Aviemore

Published: Mon 24 Nov 2014

Mountain Cafe

The Mountain Café in Aviemore has just notched up yet another award - this time the icing on top of the cake coming from the Scottish Baking Awards who recently declared it as Scotland's best café.

Pizza Express, Inverness

Published: Thu 16 Oct 2014

Pizza Express

What makes you choose Pizza Express over any of the many other fairly similar eateries of this type around?

River House Restaurant, Inverness

Published: Thu 25 Sep 2014

River House Restaurant

Arriving at The River House would normally entail a stroll across the worryingly bouncy footbridge over the Ness, enjoying the splendid mid-river views of the city afforded from the crossing.

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