The Wild Flour, Newtonmore

The Wild Flour

Reynard and I ventured down to The Wild Flour on Newtonmore's Main Street for our latest outing - after I finally managed to drag himself away from in front of the TV, where he has been stationed for most of the past month watching the World Cup.

The Tipsy Laird, Kingussie

Published: Fri 23 May 2014

The Tipsy Laird

With Reynard and his ravenous better half foraging distant farmyards this week I took my chance, raiding their territory to find what was so good about eating out in Strathspey and Badenoch.

Manha Spice, Grantown

Published: Mon 28 Apr 2014

Manha Spice

The Manha Spice is a new arrival on Grantown's High Street - even if the site itself is no stranger to a curryhouse in recent years.

Super Panther, Aviemore

Published: Fri 14 Feb 2014

Super Panther

With the weather taking a turn to the cold - the family Tup went en-masse for a winter warmer at Super Panther (SP) in Aviemore.

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