Brightening salad days

Dress Me Up!

I LOVE salads, whatever time of year it is. But as I'm the only person who regularly eats them in our house, I tend to buy bags of ready mixed leaves as I wouldn't get through a collection of whole lettuces before they started going off.

Sweet stuff

Published: Wed 10 Oct 2012

Fudge Sauce

UNCLE Roy's Fudgetastic Butterscotch 'N Whisky Fudge Sauce (£4.50) does what it says on the label. It's a good balance of all three flavours with a boozy whisky kick.

The spice is right

Published: Wed 10 Oct 2012

Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

AT Sunday breakfast, three of us eating a couple of slices of toast and a croissant each polished off a whole jar of Isabella's luxury rhubarb and ginger jam (£3.25)in one sitting.

Some like it hot...

Published: Wed 10 Oct 2012

Hot Lime and Green Pepper Jelly

JULES and Sharpie's hot lime and green pepper jelly (£3.25) is a really tasty jelly that works well with biscuits and cheese and also as a replacement to mango chutney when having a curry.

Yummy yoghurt

Published: Tue 08 May 2012


LIP smackingly fresh and lemony, Connage Highland Dairy's natural yoghurt (£1.80) was so packed with flavour I didn't need to add any fruit or honey to it.

Tried and tasted