Festive cheer

DEMIJOHN'S Brammle Scotch Whisky Liqueur went down a treat with one of our tasters. In fact she would go so far as to say it's the most scrumptious liqueur she's ever had.

It has all the delicious malty flavour of whisky but without the sharp, bitterness of the spirit. Instead the brambles provide a lovely sweet but fresh flavour and finish that's lip-smackingly good without being sickly or syrupy.

She loves fruit-flavoured, sweet drams (on their own or mixed with crushed fruit on ice cream) and this is the best she's tasted.

It would be a lovely way to finish off a rich Christmas dessert, but the freshness of the brambles makes it just as nice as an alfresco summer digestif.

She gave it five out of five – and it's not even chocolate!

Equal praise was given by another tester to the Somerset Pomma, a rich apple brandy.

The third flavour tried by the tasters was the Elderberry and Port Liqueur.

This didn't go down quite as well with the taster who had expected the combination of elderberry, port and liqueur to create a heavy, rich, intensely fruity, glass-coating, treacly drink – a liquid alternative to dessert. This wasn't. It was much, much lighter, more like a strong sherry, and nothing like a liqueur. And the elderberry was so subtle, it was hardly there.

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