Flipped out

SHROVE Tuesday, or Pancake Day is on February 21, so do you make your own from scratch or cheat with a pack?

The testers are avid cooks but decided that this year they were going to give cheating a try.

First up was Betty Crocker's Bisquick multi-purpose baking mix. This bills itself as being perfect for pancakes, scones, bread, Yorkshire puddings and more.

To make the pancakes the mix is combined with and egg, milk and water.

The tester found the pack easy to use and the instructions simple to follow. He did feel that they weren't as good as home made, though, but pointed out for those who don't cook much, this mix is probably quite good.

Another multi-purpose mix came from Made in Yorkshire, billing itself as a mix for Yorkshire puddings and pancakes.

The tester followed the pack instructions but it made an incredibly runny batter. He persevered, adding more flour, but wasn't happy with the taste of the pancakes. Not a success.

Rating 3/5

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