Oaterly delicious!

Our shopper is always on the lookout for interesting products for the tried and tasted section – and she’s always delighted when she finds something that’s made in the Highlands.

So when she spotted a range of biscuits by Reids of Caithness, she grabbed a couple of packs to take back to the office and share with the team.

Both products she picked up are oat-based and first up were the treacle toffee biscuits.

Very crisp in texture, the biscuits are quite sweet, each mouthful changing slightly depending on if you get a piece of toffee included. They went down extremely well.

As did the oat & honey biscuits. These were nice and firm in texture too, and very oaty.

All in all the tasters were impressed and there will no doubt be a return visit to try out some of the bakery’s cakes very soon!

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