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With Scotland's independence referendum set for 18 September 2014, Moray must consider the consequences of constitutional change.

There are questions that need close examination and a thorough airing so that local people at least reach an understanding on where we will stand on the outcome of the referendum.

The Northern Scot is offering this special debate page as a platform to discuss a wide range of opinion on the issue. This newspaper is taking an objective viewpoint to ensure your coverage is fair and balanced. Please contribute by commenting on articles or emailing

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Scotland Yet for the undecided

Published: Wed 16 Jul 2014

Director Jack Foster will be in Forres.

UNDECIDED voters in Moray have another chance to listen to the arguments on both sides of the independence debate.

Independence debate - Q&A

Published: Mon 07 Jul 2014

Veteran MSP Mary Scanlon

We have enlisted Mary Scanlon, Conservative MSP for the Highlands and Islands and Richard Laird, deputy leader of the SNP group in Highlands and Islands, to answer your questions. Email d.macallister@spp-group.

The pound, the euro or the groat?

Published: Thu 03 Jul 2014

Tony Mackay

During the countdown to the referendum Inverness economist Tony Mackay is providing a series of updates on the likely implications of independence.

Independence Debate