Published: 22/11/2012 16:32 - Updated: 22/11/2012 16:40

PPI phone scam warning

A WARNING has gone out to people in Moray about a PPI phone scam.

Be wary of cold callers.....
Be wary of cold callers.....

An Elgin couple were bombarded with cold calls from a company claiming they were entitled to more than £2,000 in PPI compensation.

However, the caller, who had an Asian accent, insisted they transfer £215 up front through a UKash voucher - an online money transfer process - from a local newsagent before the compensation would be released.

The Lesmurdie couple twigged straight away that the call was a scam, however, they later learned that alert staff at the nearby newsagents prevented one older resident from transferring cash using this method after receiving a similar call.

The caller had details of a car loan the couple had with the Royal Bank of Scotland from 2005 which he claimed they were due PPI repayments.

"I knew right away this was not right but the guy was persistent and called repeatedly," said the husband, who did not want to be named.

"The loan they were quoting was right because in 2005 I had bought a new car. Any PPI I was due, I had already received.

"The guy said we had to purchase a voucher for £215, which was 10% of the PPI repayment figure they were talking about. They said somebody would come to our house that day with a cheque."

David Owen, of Moray Council Trading Standards, said scams of this nature using instant cash transfers were common and a popular tactic by scammers.

"Anyone cold calling you and asking you to part with money up front for anything should set alarm bells ringing," he said.

"Once you give the voucher number over the phone that money will be gone for good.

"In this case, if the caller had details of loans that might be a more serious issue," he added.

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