Published: 16/04/2017 09:01 - Updated: 14/04/2017 16:30

Rallying call sounded to save centre

Treasurer William Windwick surveys weather damage at Lhanbryde Community Centre
Treasurer William Windwick surveys weather damage at Lhanbryde Community Centre

LHANBRYDE residents are facing a race against time to ensure the future of their meeting place.

Weather damage is taking its toll on the roof of the village’s community centre and, if work isn’t carried out, its future could be in doubt.

The estimated price–tag for repairs is around £12,000 and locals are being asked to help gather the cash to save the well–used hub.

Treasurer William Windwick said: "Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on the building and will only get worse in the future if we do not take action as soon as possible. In order to raise the necessary funds to repair roof, guttering and exterior walls, we are embarking on a fundraising mission."

The Robertson Road building was erected in 1980 with funds raised by the Community Association, with extensions added in the late 1980s and 2007.

Lhanbryde Community Challenge run the building on behalf of local people and are independent from the local authority so do not receive financial help.

Very little maintenance work has taken place on the 37-year-old roof and that is now taking its toll.

Mr Windwick said: "It is all but impossible to access grant funding to maintain the building.

"Income from lets just covers the day-to-day expenses to keep the centre open, with very little left over for major repairs to be undertaken."

Although damage to the walls is visible, the extent of the problem came to light when broken roof slates needed to be replaced.

"It is a bit of a nightmare. Some of the roof needs replacing, some needs repairing and some needs cleaning, and all the guttering is buckled and bent; not fit for purpose.

"It is not leaking at the moment, but if it starts to leak basically we will need to close the place down and we don’t want to do that.

"We are racing against time," Mr Windwick said.

The Lhanbryde Community Challenge committee fears that raising charges to bring in more money could turn hall users away.

So they are running a number of fundraising initiatives, starting on April 29 with 60s and 70s tribute band A-Rival.

Tickets are available at the community centre as well as at Keystore Lhanbryde and in St Andrews Bar.

Anyone who is interested can also email or call 01343 843025 to secure a place.

A collection of used postage stamps, left-over foreign notes and coins, old broken silver and gold jewellery and any other items of precious metal is also underway.

Other fundraising initiatives are being planned with information available soon.

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