Published: 29/11/2013 00:00 - Updated: 13/12/2013 00:55

Sadness at Ladyhill floral vandalism

VANDALS have swiftly undone the hard work of a group of community volunteers, ripping out plants and flowers at a well-known Elgin landmark.

The widespread damage at the foot of Ladyhill is believed to have taken place some time last weekend, just a week after a committed team introduced plants and flowers to improve the appearance of the area going into the winter.

Anne Glover, a member of Elgin Community Council, organises plantings at Ladyhill four times a year to coincide with the different seasons.

As well as the volunteers, she is backed by Cove Bay Nurseries in Aberdeen, which donates the flowers free.

The Ladyhill flowerbeds have been transformed over the past 18 months, mainly thanks to Mrs Glover and her team.

The group took on responsibility for the area after Moray Council decided not to continue with its upkeep.

Mrs Glover admitted she was saddened when she received a call telling her that many of the plants had been uprooted.

Some had been pulled from the large planting tubs, she said, and then been dumped beside them in the frost and ice. A metal grate was also pulled from the ground.

"I am just so disappointed," she said. "We had a super turnout of people come out on the day, and it was fantastic. We had 10 people come out and we did two big flower beds and tubs."

Due to the timing of the vandalism, and the onset of colder weather, Mrs Glover said it is unlikely that the flowers will be replaced this winter.

"I am more hurt than anything. I can't see any satisfaction that anybody would get from doing something like this."

Mrs Glover said she was not planning on reporting the incident to police.

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