Published: 31/12/2013 15:31 - Updated: 31/12/2013 15:42

Traffic wardens row erupts

A COUNCILLOR has branded Police Scotland’s response to concerns over the lack of traffic wardens as "condescending".

Douglas Ross, who chairs the local authority’s police and fire service committee, sent a letter to the national police force, outlining issues over the withdrawal of the warden service locally and across Scotland, as part of a consultation on the service.

Councillor Ross is now questioning the value of the review on the service’s future.

There have been no traffic wardens operating in Moray since the end of October, and it is unlikely there will be any patrolling the streets before the summer of 2015.

That will only happen if Moray Council is prepared to take over the running of the service, which is dependent on a robust business case being established.

The process of transferring the responsibility for dealing with decriminalised parking enforcement is expected to take around 18 months.

Superintendent Craig Naylor is part of the team reviewing the warden service operated by Police Scotland, that will be withdrawn in February.

He said: "Police Scotland will not be responsible for implementing the decriminalisation of parking enforcement. This is entirely a decision for local authorities who may wish to embark on that route and benefit from the revenue generation it may bring, along with a more consistent parking scheme for all local parking matters."

Councillor Ross said: "I have to say I found the response from Police Scotland extremely disappointing, and if this is how they plan to consult in the future it raises the question of whether it’s worthwhile taking part in future consultations."

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