REVIEW: The Libertines

Margaret Chrystall

Published: Tue 19 Sep 2017

pete and Carl on mike

YOU could have powered a small town with the buzz for The Libertines - and the chance to witness the latest chapter in the saga of love, addiction and recovery - at the Ironworks on Monday night.

REVIEW: The Sky Is Safe

Published: Thu 21 Sep 2017

Dana fire

IT'S maybe too easy for us in the West to keep the horror and confusion of the situation in Syria at arms-length when it's distant news from a faraway land. If that's you, then Dogstar Theatre Company's play The Sky Is Safe is a must-see.

Film fans' Bergman season

Published: Wed 05 Jul 2017

George Sanders and Ingrid Bergman in Journey to Italy.

THIS July and August Inverness Film Fans will be screening a season of films at Eden Court Cinema starring Ingrid Bergman.

REVIEW: Bloody Scotland

Calum Macleod

Published: Wed 13 Sep 2017

Ian Rankin leads

IF Stirling's Bloody Scotland festival is a celebration of that peculiarly Caledonian strand of crime fiction known as tartan noir, then this year's event may have given birth to an even more specialised sub-genre ..







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