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Does Carrie remake get pass marks?

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Chloe Moretz unleashes retribution on her tormentors in Carrie.
Chloe Moretz unleashes retribution on her tormentors in Carrie.


 The Seventies were a golden era for horror films. The great examples are too numerous to mention, but certainly one of the greats of that decade was Brian De Palma's adaptation of Stephen King's novel about a teenage girl blessed with telekinetic powers, but cursed with an abusive mother and equally abusive school friends.

While I can understand the urge to remake it, to update it for the modern era, I really wish people woukd leave these classics alone.

It's not that it's a bad film. In fact, had the '76 original not existed, it would be a passable adaptation of the story.

But there's a long list of things that the '76 one did better.

If there's any point at all to a remake, surely it's to bring something new to the table or tell the same story with a different voice. Unfortunately there's nothing really new here.

As much as I like Chloe Moretz as an actor she's no Sissy Spacek, and her ugly duckling social awkwardness here feels as put on as it obviously is.

The Horror! More unfortunate horror remakes:


Daniel Radcliffe is a haunted man in The Woman in Black.
Daniel Radcliffe is a haunted man in The Woman in Black.


The revived Hammer Studios should be applauded for attempting to resurrect the good old fashioned ghost story but it would have been a lot easier to get excited about this reimagining of the classic story if it hadn't been for 1) Jane Goldman's crushingly unsubtle script. 2) Daniel Radcliffe's charisma-less performance in the lead and 3) the awesome Nigel Kneale penned TV version from 1989.

Close, but no cigar Hammer...


On paper at least Sean Bean seems like a suitable replacement for Rutger Hauer as the villain in The Hitcher, a demented drifter playing his own psychotic game with anyone foolish enough to give him a lift. It's a shame the remake took a tense, cat and mouse thriller and turned it into another all action, t & a display that lacks all of the drama of the original.


Whoever thought it would be a good idea replace Robert Englund in the role of Freddy Krueger needs their collective heads examined.

Here we have a recipe for disaster: take one iconic franchise renowned for its ghoullish humour and strip out all the jokes and interesting practical special effects.

Why not attempt an lll judged effort to engender sympathy for multiple child molester/murderer Freddy while we're at it?

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