Published: 13/12/2013 16:13 - Updated: 13/12/2013 16:40

DJing is Bliss for Faithless star


Sister Bliss is best-known for her role in dance pioneers Faithless and solo DJ career. But she has been playing music – piano, then violin, sax, flute and bass – from the age of five. The seeds of Faithless were sown when she met producer Rollo. Most recently, Sister Bliss provided the music for 2012’s movie Knife Fight starring Rob Lowe and this year set up her own record label Junkdog. Shed returns to DJ at the Ironworks on Saturday.

1 Most people will know you from your role at the core of Faithless. What are the best things about Faithless for you, looking back and forward?

Best things – having such a devoted fanbase and being able to play to thousands and thousands of appreciative people across the globe over the years – without having to compromise on the musical front!

It seems we occupy a special place in people’s hearts given how many people have asked us when we are going to play live again.


2 This year you formed your own label, Junkdog, why did you feel the time was right for you to get your label going?

I felt the time was right because I finally had time to devote to the running of the label after Faithless “retired” from our touring schedule.

I had been busy making lots of music outside Faithless, and wanted a vehicle to release that.


3 You have always had a passion for live music, so is DJing an experience you will always be excited by? How has “the job” of that changed and evolved for you?

I do adore DJing – its just an amazing space to be in – to play and communicate my love for music with my track selection.

I guess the job has changed in that there are just so many DJs on the scene, it has become an aspirational professional.


4 You also have a residency at The Gallery in London and a radio show for Ministry Of Sound, what are the most positive aspects of those roles for you?

Again, the pleasure of communicating my musical taste with an audience comes pretty high on the list!


5 Is having your own label every girl’s dream?! What are the downsides (if any!!)? Many artists get fed up being shoved around by record labels and compromising their own work to please others, but Faithless always seemed in control … was that easy to achieve?

You have to be really committed to keep making music, and releasing it in these over crowded uncertain times – but my belief is the cream will always rise to the top eventually!


6 Are there any pockets of your life that are not infused with music in some way?

Can’t think of any that are not – I was going to say sleeping- but I often dream symphonies and songs in my sleep!


7 Who would you travel to the farthest corner of the world to see playing or performing, if time, money and the normal laws of physics were no problem?!

I think going back in time to see The Police in their heyday would have been quite something – and Fleetwood Mac!

And perhaps a quick trip back to the beginning of House music in the 80s to see Ron Hardy invent acid house. By accident ...


8 You still seem to do a lot of travelling – where is your favourite place in the world to chill out after some full-on work scheduling?

On a beach pretty much anywhere warm – Thailand will do nicely!


Sister Bliss is supported at the Ironworks, Inverness, on Saturday by local DJ Stephanie Lewicki. Meet Stephanie in this music section of our website for her words on DJing, her idols and her favourite floorfillers

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