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Kieren shares The View from the road

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The View - from left - Mo, Kyle, Kieren and Pete. Picture: Andy Willsher
The View - from left - Mo, Kyle, Kieren and Pete. Picture: Andy Willsher

BASSIST Kieren Webster has a bit of time before he heads off to get his nightly look at The View’s support – his new favourite band, The Velveteen Saints.

The Dundee band is on it’s way to Scotland - Inverness Ironworks on Thursday - and the last leg of a year packed with live dates across the world.

It’s been a special year for The View, soaring on the back of latest studio album Cheeky For A Reason.

It got a massive thumbs up from fans and critics alike on release last summer.

In between, the band has released Seven Year Setlist, a best of compilation with added extras, such as new tracks Kill Kyle, Dirty Magazine, and Standard.

It’s a kind of catch-up, looking back over the years since the band of Dundee lads found themselves with a couple of hits and a crowd that just couldn’t get enough of their raucous live act.

When The View returned last July on a new label Cooking Vinyl and with their fourth new album, Cheeky For A Reason – recorded in Liverpool with producer Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Foals) – it was talked up as their best-ever.

Tracks such as Tacky Tattoo pushed boundaries and displayed a new songwriting maturity.

As a year of taking their songs to new territory comes to an end, bassist Kieren reflected on some of the highs.

“The last leg of the tour in Europe was a highlight. We went to Latvia, Finland and Russia, a new part of the world for us. In among the usual on-tour fare of burgers, Kieren even got a taste for a Russian delicacy.

“One of the local dishes was a bit like a dim sum, a steamed, pastry kind of thing.”

But drummer Steven “Mo” Morrison was pickpocketed, though Kieren is fast to reassure:

“Just his mobile phone.”

More dodgy was when traffic cops stopped the tour bus in Latvia.

“They stopped us and said we were speeding when we weren’t.

“It was either take us off the bus or hand over the money and get on our way.”

Kieren laughed: “It went straight in the boy’s pocket.”

America was another thrill.

Though The View made their first trip to States back in 2007, playing New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, it’s taken a while to get back, reportedly because of Kyle’s fine for cocaine possession that year.

But with visas sorted out, the band crossed the States and Canada for a full-on seven-week tour.

“New York is my favourite place, though Pheonix, Arizona, was a really cool place.

“But everywhere in the States is different, it’s like travelling through Europe, each city is completely different from the others.”

Inevitably, the band have their favourite tour bus entertainment, though it might not be what you think ...

Kieren said: “It changes every tour.

“Everyone was watching Breaking Bad, but for this one we’ve gone back to the good old Still Game box set on repeat!”

The View play the Ironworks, Inverness, on Thursday (December 19) supported by The Velveteen Saints. Check out Kieren's favourite setlist moments, also in our music section.

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