Published: 11/12/2013 16:35 - Updated: 11/12/2013 17:02

Q&A: Inverness DJ Stephanie Lewicki

Stephanie Lewicki.
Stephanie Lewicki.

Inverness DJ Stephanie Lewicki will support Sister Bliss for her Ironworks date in the city on Saturday. Here Stephanie talks about why she loves to DJ, her style, inspirational moments - and the dancefloor killers she wouldn't be without...

1 How long have you been DJing and how did you first get interested in actually doing the DJing part yourself?

My first experience of DJing was with my brother when he showed me how to play the 2000s. Been playing for about three years now – and I've been hooked ever since.

2 When did you first get on the decks - can you remember the occasion and were you nervous and did it all go according to plan?

My first gig was in a local club in Inverness, yeah, I was nervous but we’re only human. Nerves are a good thing! Think every DJ would agree, you don’t forget that adrenaline buzz being behind the decks for the first time. Crowd big or small, it’s the same every time! I did plan my first set, so, yeah, it went to plan. As times go on though, I prefer to wing my sets and not plan anything – always more fun that way!

3 What makes a great night for you as a punter - and how do you take that knowledge when you are behind the decks (if we still use that term these days!)?

Atmosphere is the key! The DJ needs to connect with the crowd. It’s important to know what they want to hear and that they like what you’re playing so everybody’s a winner, but – importantly – sticking to your style.

4 What’s the best night you’ve ever seen and experienced. What did you take from it as a DJ?

One of the best experiences I had was at Creamfields in 2011. It was the anniversary of the Cream tent where I saw so many influential world class DJs in a space of a couple of hours – atmosphere was overwhelming!

5 What is your style of music and how did you get there. has your taste evolved or have you stuck to "your" genres all the way?

My style has evolved over the years. Music is not like reading a book and learning it word for word. The music industry is so vast, which is why I’m so fixated with knowing there is so much out there still to find. I’m never going to be bored with it, although tech house and house is my preferred style to play.

6 Where have you played?

I’ve played in various clubs around Inverness. I also play a night called Boobs on Decks occasionally with a couple of other girls. Last year I was lucky enough to be invited down to play with Trancelate in O’Coture in Glasgow supporting Alex Morph who is part of Armadas' label. It was a great experience to play out of Inverness.

7 What are your ambitions for DJing, would you like to do more/ do it full-time/ travel to do it etc?

DJing is my way of detaching from reality, you get lost in the music. Yeah definitely, I would love to do it full-time if I got the opportunity! It’s every person’s dream to do something you enjoy if the passion’s there.

8 Who inspires you on the DJ front? And I wondered what female DJs you might think of as role models (if you do)?

Musicians such as Josh Butler and Joris Voorn’s styles are inspiring me at the moment. It’s very hard to narrow it down to so few! I’ve always been inspired by Orla Feeney, I love the way she plays. But I have to say Sister Bliss is a very inspiring female DJ, she is so multi-talented.

9 How would you entice someone who maybe doesn’t think they like dance music to along and try it?

Music’s universal, we’re all entitled to our own tastes. If you’re not open to suggestion and don’t try, you won’t ever know. But if you thought you liked dance music, guaranteed the right atmosphere and music I’m sure you would love it! Get along to Sister Bliss at the Ironworks. Perfect opportunity!

10 How did the gig with Sister Bliss come about? have you seen her in action before?

Ironworks messaged me about the gig. I have to say I’m very privileged and excited to be supporting such a pioneer in the music industry, very much looking forward to it!

11 Random question now: if you were going to have the DJing triumph of your life, which DJs/celebs/ people who mean something to you would you like in the crowd dancing away to your sounds!

Famous or not famous I would just want a group of people there who appreciate music like I do, enjoying the moment!

12 What would be your guaranteed tracks to bring you with for a great night?

Dusky Rise For Love would be a great tune to get the crowd warmed up for what’s to come.

Alvaro Ramos Frontier would get the crowd bouncing without a doubt!

Also another couple such as Josh Butler Keep Moving, UMEK, Beltek Back In The Race Paul Strive remix and Mike Ivy, Nimo Iero Restyling 2013 – sure this will get a few people singing along before the drop, great remix!


Stephanie is supporting Sister Bliss, as is Alan Grant, at the Ironworks on Saturday.

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