Published: 01/01/2014 00:00 - Updated: 31/12/2013 11:59

Track Of The Week: LENIN DEATH MASK - American Irony

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LENIN DEATH MASK - fit a great bunch a' Dorich lads, ken?

Happy New Year, folks. I hope that your night was great and your hangover this morning mighty.

Since we started doing this track of the week malarkey, some of you may have noticed a rather, shall we say, global bent to things. However, we've got a bit of a treat for you this week – a relatively local band to sample!

Aberdeen-based LENIN DEATH MASK have a song out, and it's rather wonderful – a great mix of catchy riffs and the screaming-buffalo vocals of frontman Craig Scott. It's short, it's snappy and it's got what has become a quick addition to my favourite opening lines of any song. Just go, have a listen and enjoy!

Lenin Death Mask:


Twitter: @lenindeathmask

If you're a local band (Highlands, Moray, Aberdeen) with material you think is deserving of our Track Of The Week, send your stuff to Soundcloud or YouTube links only please – No MP3s.

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