Published: 25/02/2014 14:18 - Updated: 24/02/2014 14:26

Double bill of mystery and suspense in two languages

A scene from Rough Island.
A scene from Rough Island.

A DOUBLE bill of intrigue in both Gaelic and English tours the Highlands this month as theatre companies from the Highlands and Lowlands join forces.

The double bill of original Gaelic play Doras Dùinte and Rough Island, a new play in English, is the result of a collaboration between Mull Theatre, Gaelic language company Theatre Gu Leor and the Oran Mòr Theatre in Glasgow’s A Play, A Pie and A Pint.

Both shows opened at Oran Mòr with Doras Dùinte the first Gaelic play ever to be performed at the Byres Road venue in October last year.

Rough Island, by experienced stage and theatre writer Nicola McCartney, made its debut there earlier this month.

Catriona Lexy Campbell, who is well-known as an author and actor, was inspired to write Doras Dùinte by her love of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense thrillers and stories of an isolated person in an isolated house.

"In Hitchcock’s Rebecca, and in other films such as Gaslight, we are not sure if something is only happening in the imagination or if it’s real," she explained.

"I’m fascinated by how a person who is isolated — in place or as a person — will react when there are people around. Doras Dùinte is about two isolated people not being quite what they seem."

Campbell also appears in the play as Lydia, who sits in her isolated house, awaiting the arrival of her new lodger, but Lindsay Guthrie turns out not to be quite what she had in mind. Completing the cast in this contemporary thriller is Dòl Eoin McKinnon from Harris, and the play is performed in Gaelic with English subtitles.

The other half of the double bill, Nicola McCatney’s Rough Island, is set in 1985 on the day of Live Aid.

On a beach on a tidal island, four young friends have a party and tune in to the greatest gig on earth — then the tide comes in. Only three of them come back. Nearly 30 years later, three friends stand on that same beach and search for the answer to what happened.

This production is in English, and features two actors who have been on many Mull theatre tours in Barrie Hunter and Helen McAlpine, and two who are new to highland touring — Astrid Azurdia and John Scougall.

Doras Dùinte/Rough Island can be seen at the following venues:

Friday 21st February, Appin Village Hall, 8pm ; Saturday 22nd, Resolis Memorial Hall, the Black Isle, 8pm; Monday 24thn Gairloch Hall, 7.30pm; Tuesday 25th,, Plockton Village Hall, 8pm; Wednesday 26th, SEALL at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Sleat, Skye, 7.30pm; Thursday 27th, Eden Court, One Touch Theatre, 7.30pm; Friday 28th, Rosehall Village Hall, Rosehall, Lairg, Sutherland, 8pm; Saturday 1st March, the Macphail Centre, Ullapool, 7.30pm.

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