Published: 23/05/2014 08:52 - Updated: 23/05/2014 09:08

Bronagh (7) is litter champion

Written byChris Saunderson

BRONAGH Dallas is only seven-years-old but she is determined to do her bit to keep her community clean.

Bronagh Dallas is on a mission.
Bronagh Dallas is on a mission.

The New Elgin Primary School pupil picks up litter on her way to school every day.

And the first thing she does when she gets home, before she does her homework, is go on a litter pick of the streets around her home.

Her mother Moira said: “I am really proud of her. The majority of people have been lovely and come up to her and tell her what a good job she is doing.

“She just hates litter and picks it up all the time.”

Bronagh, who lives on Bain Avenue in New Elgin, even drags her mum and other family members out on litter picks after school and at weekends.

The youngster was inspired to do something after a visit from an RSPCA officer to the school a couple of months ago. She told them a story about a hedgehog that nearly died after becoming stuck in a plastic bag and from that moment on Bronagh was determined.

She has needed no encouragement or prompting, and has been really motivated to clear the streets of litter.

Local superstore Asda has provided her with a litter picker to support her good work and have discussed with her mum the possibility of establishing a local litter club for other youngsters who want to do their bit.

Bronagh’s mum can be contacted on 07833 220 223 or call Louise at Asda on 07889 144 948 if you are keen to get involved.

Bronagh is just one of many people who have been supporting the ‘Tidy Up Moray’ campaign in May, organised jointly by The Northern Scot and The Moray Council.

There were community litter picks in Dufftown and Aberlour last weekend, and pupils at Lossiemouth High School combined a sponsored walk this week with a litter pick.

More events are planned before the campaign draws to a close at the end of the month and there is still time to sign up.

The council will provide litter pickers, bags and equipment for all community groups keen to get involved.

There is still time to sign up for the campaign.
There is still time to sign up for the campaign.
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