Published: 30/03/2012 13:05 - Updated: 30/03/2012 13:12

Holly is an inspiration

INSPIRATIONAL Holly McKenzie has helped save her brother’s life more times than she cares to remember.

At age eight she had to dial 999 for emergency help and has since dealt with thousands of terrifying seizures suffered by Jack.

For years she has been a constant source of support, companionship and love for her mother Lynne, the main carer for the 14-year-old boy who has a rare chromosome abnormality which means he cannot walk, talk or feed himself.

He has little control over his body movements and has suffered potentially life-threatening seizures since the age of six. However, he can hear and is a very loving child, with a cheeky sense of fun.

Holly (17) has had to grow up quicker than most young children, while still coping with school and all the things that go along with being a teen.

Her dream is to be a West End actress and she plans to go to acting school after the summer. She also designs shoes, and enjoys spending time with her friends and her boyfriend.

And she also gets involved in charity fundraising whenever she can, particularly for disadvantaged children.

Try telling the Elgin High School pupil that she is anything special or what she does is extraordinary. “It is not that big a deal. I don’t feel what I do is that exceptional. It is every day life for me and I love my brother to bits,” she told ‘The Scot’.

Holly was speaking after her remarkable determination, devotion and drive was honoured with the title of Moray’s Young Citizen of the Year.

“I really do love Jack. We have ‘lost’ him so many times and managed to get him back.”

Holly adopts a “live life to the max” philosophy and squeezes every last drop out of her relationship with Jack, who first started having seizures a month before his fifth birthday.

“He is a real cutie and I cherish every time he is grumpy or hits me, because that is what a normal brother would do,” she said.

Read the full exclusive interview with Holly and her mum Lynne only in 'The Northern Scot'.


Jack with sister Holly (front right), mum Lynne and Holly's best friend Diz.
Jack with sister Holly (front right), mum Lynne and Holly's best friend Diz.
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