Published: 29/05/2014 16:15 - Updated: 29/05/2014 16:39

Oh deer! What can the matter be?

The young deer grazing in central Elgin.
The young deer grazing in central Elgin.

A YOUNG deer made its way into central Elgin, where it grazed in a secluded parcel of land.

Staff at Cockburns Solicitors, 82 High Street, looked out of their windows to discover the animal in a garden to the rear of the office, which is up a lane between the High Street and South Street.

The wynd’s High Street gates are locked at night, so it is thought the young animal (pictured in the grass) accessed the site by jumping over a fence from South Street. But how and why it came into town remains a mystery.

Experts said intervention could startle the animal, causing it to injure itself in the small space. So it was left to its own devices in the first instance, and was gone by the following day.

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