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Published: 11/08/2014 17:11 - Updated: 11/08/2014 17:43

Nightmare is Salmond as "King of Scotland"

John Waring
John Waring

At a time when expressing any view on the independence debate can be perilous, this regular feature will reveal how some of the best known people in the Highlands are voting on 18th September.

John Waring, chairman of the Nigg and Shandwick Community Council and president of Tain Tennis and Table Tennis clubs, is voting for the Union next month. The 77-year-old, who ran in the Queen's Baton Relay through the town, sits on a spectrum of committees, including the Invergordon Stakeholders, the Global Energy Liaison Group, the Duthac Centre, and the Tain Community Sports Hub. 

Here, in his own words, he explains why he is against Scottish independence.

"I believe that Scotland will not benefit from its independence. It will become very quickly a small insignificant country with no influence in world affairs and governed by a dictatorial regime. My hopes are that the Nigg Yard will increase it’s activities and bring wealth and prosperity to the members of the surrounding communities. My fears are that the rural nature and beauty of the area will be destroyed by wind turbines especially on the Hill of Nigg and by inappropriate building on agricultural land.

"The worst thing that can happen if Scotland votes for independence is Alex Salmond becoming King of Scotland and the SNP becoming the dominating ruling party with little or no opposition. Already rules and regulations coming out of The Scottish Parliament are dictatorial and proper consultation is a thing of the past."

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