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Published: 16/07/2014 10:17 - Updated: 17/07/2014 12:18

Scotland Yet for the undecided

UNDECIDED voters in Moray have another chance to listen to the arguments on both sides of the independence debate.

Director Jack Foster will be in Forres.
Director Jack Foster will be in Forres.

A feature length documentary, ‘Scotland Yet’, will be shown this Friday (July 18) in Forres Town Hall from 7pm.

The free event is open to anyone with an interest in the biggest decision Scotland will ever make on September 18.

The documentary by Rough Justice Films has been produced entirely through crowd-funded donations, the first feature-length film in Scotland funded solely in this way.

Director Jack Foster (pictured) and other members of the production team will be in Forres to take part in a question and answer session following the screening.

The film is a mix of personal, political and geographic journeys and the aim is to be the catalyst for a range of different conversations ahead of the independence referendum.

Describing the film as a "must see" for undecided voters, Jack Foster said: "If you’re confused about the referendum and want to think about the big issues without feeling pressured to vote one way or the other, get yourself along."

This is the first feature length offering from Mr Foster’s start-up company and he feels the lack of affiliation to either side of the debate gave him the freedom to look beyond the headline issues.

"You can’t make a good film out of propaganda," he added. "What we’ve produced here is a documentary about a movement, but we don’t shy away from looking at hard realities, tensions and challenges that have shaped that movement."

And Mr Foster said it was not just artistic drive that provided impetus for the project.

"As the hundreds of donations that resourced the film demonstrate, there is a real thirst for fresh new approaches to portraying alternative visions of Scotland on screen."

He said the film looks beyond the "official campaigns and political parties" and focuses on the working people of Scotland.

The film had its premiere in Edinburgh on July 8 and the only other screening before coming to Moray has been in St Andrews.

Jack Foster will attend the Forres screening along with producer/writer Chris Silver and folk singer, songwriter and researcher Carolyn Anona Scott.

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