Published: 15/02/2014 12:00 - Updated: 14/02/2014 15:45

Elgin sawmill site could be used for housing

Sir, – I walk past the old, derelict sawmill site on Linkwood Road, Elgin, most days and I’m appalled that it’s just been left to gather litter and become a festering eyesore.

Whilst I appreciate that it’s more challenging to build there than on pristine countryside, such as at Bilbohall, surely much more would be gained by a proper investment.

Obviously, with at least four huge retail units still to be let out near Asda, and numerous other empty shops around the town, there is absolutely no need to retain this site for businesses. Moray Council would be much better transforming this scrub land into affordable housing, situated in an extremely convenient location and capable of reducing car-dependency.

There are plenty of people who like living close to shops, and even more passers-by whose quality of life would be greatly enhanced by this area being properly developed and looked after. Linkwood Road is busy with pedestrians and car users whose journeys are spoiled by this man-made blight on the landscape.

After the Christmas Day wind damage, Robertsons had the cheek to claim the area was a “construction site”. Well, if it is, they better start building something fast. – Yours etc,

Stephen Duff

New Elgin.

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