Published: 30/03/2012 18:00 - Updated: 30/03/2012 18:00

Safeguarding Elgin heritage

Sir, - A city that forgets its past forfeits its future. Chairman Mao was correct in thinking that.

At last, after all too many years of uncountered neglect and dereliction, may we dare hope that the evident charm of Elgina's heritage attractions has chanced upon a champion and white knight in the form of Mr Andrew Wright (architect), featured in 'The Northern Scot' story last week on protecting the heritage of the centre of Elgin.

Let's all pray his charger has appeared over the horizon in time for him to help rescue and revive what was once - as regards the great treasure of its historical sites and sights - and may yet be once again, a lustrous jewel in the crown of the North or indeed any part of this still entire kingdom.

Floreat Elgina, Let Elgin Flourish. - Yours etc,

John Sutherland

South Court,



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