Published: 15/02/2014 12:00 - Updated: 14/02/2014 15:41

What will happen to wildlife when council drains Elgin park pond?

Sir, – What on earth are Moray Council thinking? It is the end of winter and birds are starting to nest and get ready to lay eggs, animals are coming out of hibernation and plants are starting to grow, so the council decides that this is a good time to cut down trees and drain the Cooper Park pond.

What is going to happen to the ducks and swans who make Elgin’s Cooper Park their home?

Last year, through the destruction of trees and the digging up of the river banks, we saw squirrels move further into the town, where they are now prey to cats and dogs. An otter was disturbed on the river bank and made its way to the pond.

Before they destroy any more of the only natural habitat remaining within the town, should they not get on with some of the replanting they promised when they felled the trees at Pansport?

Yes, we need the flood defences, but we also used to have a beautiful area with walks along the riverside and kids feeding the ducks at the pond. At the moment, we have a wasteland, and it will get worse when the pond is drained.

It seems also that this cycle path is a done deal, as they are felling trees along that route. It will be great to have a cycle path around the town, but who would want to take their bikes into the town when we have no facilities for storage etc?

Please, Moray Council, think about what you are doing and when you are best to do it, and above all repair some of the mess made before you make it worse. – Yours etc,

Lorna Alexander

18 Hillview Place,


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