Published: 11/08/2017 16:04 - Updated: 11/08/2017 16:07

27 Moray drivers caught on the phone

MOTORISTS using mobile phones at the wheel have been targeted in a police crackdown.

A total of 27 drivers have been charged with may caught texting or using apps.

The two-day operation carried out by officers in Moray on Wednesday and Thursday this week, also caught other offending motorists.

Officers found vehicles being used without excise licences and with defective tyres.

Two were also seized for being driven without insurance, while another was in such poor condition that it was prohibited.

Constable Dave Cooper of the road policing unit said: "This operation shows that despite the obvious dangers and increased penalties associated with using a mobile telephone when driving, some people persist in putting the safety of others and themselves at risk.

"It was especially worrying to see that the majority of these drivers were actually composing text messages or using various apps on their phones and not even looking at the road. "

Constable Cooper added: "People who think they can use a mobile telephone and still devote the required level of attention to their driving are deluding themselves.

"Even a momentary lapse in concentration can result in someone being killed or seriously injured so please don’t take the risk."

The current minimum penalty for using a mobile phone or device while driving is a fine of £200 and six penalty points.

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