Published: 11/01/2013 20:37 - Updated: 11/01/2013 12:48

Burghead welcomes Pictish New Year

The blazing Clavie is carried round Burghead
The blazing Clavie is carried round Burghead

THE Pictish New Year has once again been celebrated in Burghead with the burning of the Clavie.

Dan Ralph led the way as the crew carried the blazing barrel shoulder high around the streets of the town.

Their first stop was at the Station Hotel, where a burning stave was pulled from the Clavie’s fiery heat and handed over as a token of good luck.

Hundreds of townsfolk and tourists came to watch the spectacle, some joining the procession as it snaked its way to Doorie Hill.

Spitting sparks from its blazing core, the Clavie was set upon the stone altar just before it crumbled, spilling its lava-like innards down the hillside as people scrambled to catch a piece of its charred remains in the hope it will bring them health and happiness.

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