Published: 17/02/2017 14:22 - Updated: 17/02/2017 14:25

Chip shop owner offers his skills Down Under

Darren Boothroyd has been invited to help a business in Australia.
Darren Boothroyd has been invited to help a business in Australia.

A CHIP shop manager from Moray has been invited to take his frying skills Down Under.

Darren Boothroyd is being paid by a couple of Scottish expats to fly over to Perth in Australia and provide training at their recently opened business.

The married pair made contact after reading about the success of Fochabers Fish Bar which has just been voted Scotland’s best chippie by industry experts.

Darren said: "I received an email out of the blue from this couple saying they had bought a fish and chip shop about five months before, but were struggling with several aspects of the business.

"They’d seen what we have achieved and wondered if I’d mind giving then some advice. No mention was made of where their shop was, they just said it wasn’t in competition with us."

Darren began passing on his knowledge and responding to questions.

It was only after several emails that the couple revealed their shop is more than just a non-rival - it’s 9000 miles away.

In addition, the couple were asking Darren to come stay at their home and for a week.

Darren, who took over the Moray business in 2013 after leaving the RAF, is now flying out to Australia on Monday.

He said: "The offer was made and I went away and pondered things for precisely three seconds before saying I’d love to go.

"The last time I faced a plane journey this long was on a posting to the Falklands, but the weather promises to be a bit better this time around."

His hosts are Pete and Ann Speight who hail from the west coast and from Abroath respectively.

They moved to Australia for a better quality of life in the sun, however the oil industry over there has been hit just like it has here.

So, when Pete’s contract came to an end, they spotted an opportunity to own their own chip shop.

But boosting the reputation of The Chippy (formally the London Chippy) has been harder than they originally envisioned.

Darren said: "I really empathised with what Pete and Ann were telling me.

"Our shop is doing well now, but for the first six months after we opened I was seriously wondering whether we’d done the right thing.

"At that point I would have absolutely loved for someone to be there to pass on the things which I’ve learned since."

Darren, who is an accredited trainer with the National Federation of Fish Friers, said: "I’ll be showing them all the best practices plus the tweaks we have developed ourselves, such as how to give a nice light crispy batter to the fish."

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