Published: 22/05/2014 12:11 - Updated: 22/05/2014 12:28

Council push to improve recycling numbers

A council team has been visiting homes across Moray in a bid to open the door to more recycling.

They are calling on 5000 properties to raise awareness of recycling and offer advice on how to use the correct recycling containers.

The move follows a Zero Waste Scotland-funded waste analysis which revealed that 40% of household waste being deposited in green bins could be recycled by making use of Moray Council’s kerbside collection service.

The bulk of recyclable material found in the green bins was food waste, with smaller amounts of paper and cardboard, drinks cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles and jars.

The recycling advisers who are visiting homes in the area have identity badges and letters of authority showing they are working on behalf of the council.

Councillor John Cowe, chairman of Moray Council’s economic development and infrastructure services committee, said that in addition to meeting the targets set by the Scottish Government, there were enormous financial benefits from recycling more effectively.

He said: "Each household in Moray produces an average of one tonne of waste each year and the council pays £80 in tax for every tonne that goes to landfill so the arithmetic is straightforward. All that money could be better spent on frontline council services.

"While I am extremely grateful to everyone who plays a part in the recycling initiative, it is clear to me that the opportunity to recycle more remains a key objective in a sustainable waste management strategy."

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