Published: 30/11/2017 17:30 - Updated: 30/11/2017 15:57

Cross party effort wins five stars

Written byLeanne Murray

IT turns out cross-party relationships only half work, as Kezia Dugdale and Stanley Johnson win five stars for camp on last night’s episode I’m a Celebrity.

Kezia Dugdale worked well with Stanley Johnson
Kezia Dugdale worked well with Stanley Johnson


A challenge which required the former Scottish Labour Leader to spin in a cage full of bugs whilst the former conservative MEP span on a round-a-bout and trying to aim the aim the right sized ball to a target, all while trying to answer general knowledge questions. This challenge allowed them to win 5 meals for camp, out of 11, however according to Kez, Stanley had a "crap shot."

The questions, however, managed to create some debate on twitter with the MSP’s apparent lack of knowledge in Harry Potter and Taylor Swift.

The five meals would have been accompanied by strawberries and cream, if it weren’t for Iain Lee and Amir Khan eating them before getting back to camp and lying about winning them, however later on the two did confess to their not-so-impressed camp mates.

I’m a Celebrity: Get Me out of Here! continues tonight at 9pm.

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