Published: 22/02/2014 15:00 - Updated: 21/02/2014 12:54

Dava Way bikers putting lives at risk

Written byHazel Lawson

THOUGHTLESS bikers are ruining a picturesque path and putting lives at risk.

Dava Way Association member Bill Bullock. Photo by Eric Cormack.
Dava Way Association member Bill Bullock. Photo by Eric Cormack.

The Dava Way, which runs from Forres to Grantown, is rutted and eroded because people have been riding ­motorised vehicles along it.

Signs have been put up to warn motorcyclists and quad bikers to stay off the pathway, but bikers are ignoring them.

It is illegal to use a vehicle with an engine on the route, and there are fears that someone will be seriously injured.

Peter Mitchell, a member of the Dava Way Association which maintains the 24-mile path, said: “It’s a safety ­hazard. Families use the Dava Way and there are lots of narrow sections.

“It only needs a child playing in a bush nearby to jump out and there will be a terrible accident.”

He added: “We don’t want to put ourselves or others at risk, but we need people to report it to the police.”

Bill Bullock, who has been a member of the association for seven years, said there were around half-a-dozen perpetrators he had seen on the stretch between Forres and Rafford.

“It’s difficult to give a ­definitive speed, but they are going quite fast – fast enough that they could potentially cause an accident with a dog walker or a child,” he added.

On several occasions Mr Bullock has had to get off the path in order to allow a motorbike past.

“You can hear them ­coming, and sense dictates that you don’t stand in the way of a speeding motorbike,” he said.

Anyone who sees a motorcyclist or any other vehicle on the Dava Way is being encouraged to report it to Police Scotland by calling 101.

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