Published: 25/01/2014 14:00 - Updated: 24/01/2014 12:23

Dog poo forest plea

Written byChris Saunderson

A DOG owner who loves exercising her pet on Moray’s woodland trails has hit out at irresponsible owners for leaving poo bags at the side of the paths.

Dog owners are being urged to clean up after their pets.
Dog owners are being urged to clean up after their pets.

Wendy McCutcheon said other dog owners share her disgust at the problem.

"When my dog has a poo, I pick it up in a plastic poo bag and on completion of my walk I either put the poo bag in a bin or if none is available I take it home and then put it in the bin," she said.

"I find it difficult to comprehend why on my walks I see so many bags of dog poo just dropped either at the side of the track or indeed right next to signs asking dog owners to clear up after their pets."

Wendy travels across Britain and admits she has not come across an area where the problem is as bad.

"I consider myself a responsible dog owner and know that a great many others share my disgust at the mess left by others.

"As a dog owner I feel ashamed and annoyed by these irresponsible dog owners who are spoiling our countryside and forests by just dumping dog poo in bags, adding to the growing litter problem that we face."

She said people should realise how lucky they are to have access to Moray’s "beautiful countryside and forests".

"Could the people responsible please help me to understand why they do this, is it because you are lazy, inconsiderate or is this a protest because the forestry commission do not provide poo bins or litter bins?"

Wendy, who lives near Urquhart, said she has noticed the problem in the Windy Walks, RoseIsle and Culbin.

"We visit these forests on a regular basis and there are always piles of poo filled bags near to signage," she said.

A spokesperson for Forestry Commission Scotland said: "Unfortunately there are irresponsible dog owners right across the country, not just in Moray.

"While we certainly appreciate that they are making an effort to clean up after their animals, it is not really acceptable that they don’t dispose of bagged poo appropriately – especially at Roseisle where we have provided two very large general waste bins. To not make that little bit of extra effort is inconsiderate – and even anti-social.

"Bins are not really a practical or appropriate solution at every site – they may be relatively inexpensive to install but they also have to be regularly emptied – and we don’t have the staff resource to do that.

"We are grateful to responsible dog owners for leading by example and would encourage everyone to follow suit and dispose of their animal’s waste appropriately."

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