Published: 15/05/2014 16:55 - Updated: 15/05/2014 17:05

Drivers urged to slow down

A LONG list of roadwork projects has been drawn-up for the next seven weeks, covering 40 miles of roads in Moray.

Drivers are urged to slow down.
Drivers are urged to slow down.

Drivers are being urged to take care as more than 100 stretches of road in Moray undergo surface dressing as part of the local authority’s road maintenance programme.

According to a Moray Council spokesman, sections of road which are being dressed will be marked with signs, and drivers are urged to keep their speed within 20mph.

Most roads that are being treated will not be subject to formal road closures, the council has said. However, the authority has pointed out that vehicles will be subject to traffic management, including stop-go or convoy working, and long delays on some sites should be anticipated.

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