Published: 20/02/2014 15:59 - Updated: 20/02/2014 16:51

Elgin makes emotional visit to Elgin

Written byChris Saunderson

A LITTLE boy named Elgin made an emotional visit to the town that inspired his name.

Elgin Kudyarawanza (7), from Milton Keynes, was named after the Moray capital by his late father Walter (39), who died three years ago following a car crash.

Elgin and the rest of his family survived the tragedy and vowed to fulfill his father's wish to see his son visit the town one day.

The youngster was happy to finally visit Elgin.

Elgin Councillor James Allan had been contacted by Elgin online and arranged for the family to visit the area.

"It is such a great honour to come and meet you and to actually be in this place," Elgin told the people of the town.

Speaking from the chambers at Moray Council, Elgin added: "My late father named me after this place and I have always wanted to come to this place since I was a very young child and now I am glad to be here.

"I am very happy I have fulfilled my late father's wish as I have managed to visit my place Elgin. I feel I belong here and Elgin is my place."

His mum Shylet (35) added: "He really feels Elgin is his place. It is very special to come here."

His dad Walter, a warehouse operator, had worked in Stirling before the couple, both originally from Zimbabwe, met and he had visited Elgin on two or three occasions and been struck by the  the place.

"It was Walter's wish before he died for Elgin to visit here and I feel I have managed to fulfill his wishes," added Shylet.

Elgin has been fascinated with the town and Googled it to find out more, before emailing James Allan at Moray Council.

Said James: "He emailed a few times and was looking for a councillor or MP to shake their hand. He was very excited to be here."

The youngster visited Elgin Cathedral and was also planning a trip to the beach at Lossiemouth.

His sister Chantelle (10) and cousin Salome (13) travelled to Moray with him. Elgin also has a brother Arayli (6) and sister Angel (3).

He was presented with an Elgin Museum scarf, books on the town of Elgin and a Moray Council pin badge by Councillor Allan.

For more pictures by NS photographer Daniel Forsyth from Elgin's visit to Elgin see 'The Northern Scot' print version next Friday.

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