Published: 07/03/2014 12:31 - Updated: 07/03/2014 12:41

Flood, fire and now theft

A MORAY business hit by flooding and fire has now been targeted by thieves, who stole around £50,000 worth of vehicles and equipment.

Allan Howie pictured during the fire which hit his business. Photo by Becky Saunderson.
Allan Howie pictured during the fire which hit his business. Photo by Becky Saunderson.

Devastated boss Allan Howie has pleaded with the public to help catch the thieves who raided his Fleet Management Services UK Ltd (FMS) business in Elgin.

It is the latest blow to hit Mr Howie, who operates a fleet of 150 vehicles and employs five people at his premises in the Tyock Industrial Estate.

The raiders breached multiple layers of security to force their way into his garage workshop and steal a four-month-old Ford transit box van, a Kawasaki scrambler motor cycle and specialist garage equipment, including a steam cleaner.

They broke a large padlock on the main gates, smashed infra-red security lights, wedged open roller doors to the main workshop and burst open a security box with van keys inside it before loading the bike and equipment into the van and driving off.

The raid has infuriated Mr Howie, who has operated the business for 14 years, and he has urged people to provide vital information which will help police trace the culprits.

“It is three years since fire destroyed the place, and we were hit by flooding more than 10 years ago. All I need now is a plague of locusts,” he said.

“After the fire, my insurance doubled. What is going to happen next? I am worried that I won’t get insurance in the future.”

The fire gutted Mr Howie’s premises and destroyed a number of vans in the workshop, but he has worked hard to rebuild the business.

The break-in took place during the night of Saturday-Sunday, March 1-2.

Anyone with information is asked to phone Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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