Published: 30/03/2012 12:15 - Updated: 30/03/2012 13:00

Fuel storage advice issued amid petrol panic

Fuel storage advice issued as petrol panic hits the UK.
Fuel storage advice issued as petrol panic hits the UK.

THE dangers of storing fuel at home have been highlighted by Grampian Fire and Rescue Service as fuel panic continues to hit the UK.

Fears over a tanker strike have led to widespread queuing at stations across the country, with pumps in some places running dry.

UNITE today ruled out strikes over Easter, although industrial action remains a possibility if talks, expected to start next week, break down.

GFRS's community engagement manager Mike Cordiner said: "I’m sure that everybody’s seen the long queues for fuel in the last couple of days, and the difficulties that a fuel strike would cause individuals and business are understood. However, the best advice from Grampian Fire and Rescue Service is not to store large amounts of fuel in garages because of the greatly increased risks to occupiers and firefighters.

"Safety is our focus and it should be everybody’s concern by not putting themselves, their families, neighbours and properties at risk."

The legal requirements for storing fuel are: not to store fuel inside domestic premises; not to fill a container more than the capacity printed on the label; store fuel in a place that is not attached to or part of a building used as a dwelling; store fuel in approved plastic or metal containers, typically of the sort than can be bought at petrol stations; and a maximum of 30 litres of fuel can be stored in two appropriate 10 litre metal containers and two appropriate 5 litre containers.

The station manager added that the service recommends keeping any fuel storage to a minimum. The warning comes after a York woman was badly burned when petrol ignited as she transferred it between containers in her kitchen.

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