Published: 19/05/2017 16:08 - Updated: 19/05/2017 16:18

'Gang of five' seek breakthrough at Moray Council



FIVE experienced councillors elected in Moray as independents have taken it upon themselves to try form an administration.

Moray Council has been rudderless since the local elections on May 4, with no concensus reached about who will run the local authority.

The five experienced councillors, who were all representing their wards before the elections, have issued a joint statement today.

Is said: "We five re-elected, independent Moray councillors – Ron Shepherd, Lorna Creswell, Gordon Cowie, John Cowe and George Alexander – have, since May 5, watched the impotence of the political party representatives on the Moray Council, as they fail to work co-operatively, for the benefit of the people of Moray.

"Labour, SNP and Conservative councillors are operating under the influence of their political masters and the last two groups have not even held discussions to explore what they might have in common, as regards their aims for Moray.

"Realising that we are in a minority, but recognising that we have the advantage of experience, we five have chosen to take the initiative at the eleventh hour and we have presented proposals to each and every one of our twenty councillor colleagues.

"Our hope is that this will prompt a break in the stalemate, so that a working council can be created before next Wednesday."

The May 4 elections returned nine SNP, eight Conservative, eight Independent and one Labour councillor.

One of the independents has since resigned, and there will be a by-election on July 13.

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