Published: 05/04/2018 12:19 - Updated: 05/04/2018 12:27

Get your skateboards on - contest to design logo for Lossie venue

skatepark skateA CONTEST is being held to design the logo for the skatepark planned for Lossiemouth.

The park will be the only surfer-friendly venue of its type in Scotland, in addition to catering for skateboard, BMX and scooter enthusiasts.

Sited next to the Coulardbank playing fields, the attraction will be built in such a way that its long rolling banks will mimic the feeling of riding on a wave.

Kerry Peace, who is one of the townsfolk working towards building the attraction in Lossiemouth, explained this feature will allow surfers to improve their balance while using boards with wheels.

The mum-of-three said: "During the summer, when the sea is relatively calm at Lossie and Sandend, surfers will be able to come to the park instead and practice on dry land."

The Lossiemouth Skate Park Initiative is now in the process of going through a community asset transfer with Moray Council to take control of strip of land.

Following that the next step will be to commission a design and its construction by a specialist skateboarding company.

Kerry added that skateboarding continues to be as popular as ever with young people, with more girls taking it up, such as her own daughter Emily (12).

However, she added: "There’s also lot of interest from the older generation. We’ve got some people in their 60s who are looking forward to having a go.

"Our aim is to build something where beginners can learn.

"The skatepark in Elgin’s Cooper Park is great, but it’s tight and very technical."

The winner of the competition to design a logo for the skatepark will get a bunch of goodies supplied by ESP, the sports shop in Elgin.

The logo must be suitable for use in a variety of sizes from small stickers to large banners.

It will also be used on letterheads, the webpage and on social media,

Entries can be designed by with a pen and paper or digitally produced.

However all work must be your own and not liable to infringe somebody else’s copyright.

The words ‘Lossiemouth Skatepark Initiative’ or ‘LSI’ should accompany the design so consideration should be given to font styles.

Entries should be placed in the competition box at the reception of Lossiemouth High School or sent to

Attach your name and contact details.

The deadline is noon on Wednesday, April 11.

The results will be published on Facebook on Monday, April 16

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