Published: 04/09/2017 17:06 - Updated: 04/09/2017 17:16

Greens attack 'callous' benefits cap


finnie msp green
MSP John Finnie
AN EXTRA 3000 households in Moray are losing out on about £2000 a year due to the new benefit cap.


That’s the message of the Scottish Green party, which says changes to the cap have resulted in nearly four time the numbers of people being hit.

The UK government’s revised benefit cap started to take effect in November.

It lowered the amount of support that a household can receive to £384.62, or £257.69 a week depending on circumstances.

The Greens say their research shows 3,700 families have been affected, an increase of more than 3,000 compared to the previous cap.

Highlands and Islands MSP John Finnie is now urging the Scottish Government to use devolved powers to mitigate the policy, in the same way that the Bedroom Tax was offset.

Mr Finnie said: "Seven years into the Tories’ cruel agenda of cuts, we now see the terrible impact on households in Moray and across Scotland.

"This callous UK Government has ignored rising household costs by reducing the social security support available. This has pushed additional households into potential poverty and homelessness.

"Our analysis shows that to mitigate this unfair UK policy, the Scottish Government could take the same approach as it rightly did with the hated Bedroom Tax, and use its powers over Discretionary Housing Payments to end the misery caused by the Benefit Cap.

"This would cost between one and two million pounds a year, a drop in the ocean given the annual Scottish budget of around thirty billion, but it would make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable families across Scotland."

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