Published: 05/07/2018 15:29 - Updated: 05/07/2018 15:33

Heatwave prompts Scottish Water warning

Scottish Water has urged people to boil waterSCOTTISH Water has released a fresh warning to customers in Moray urging them to use their water wisely.

The utility company says it is speaking out because of the prolonged dry period combined with significantly increased levels of usage.

The area is served by the Badentinan Water Treatment Works, which are five miles south-east of Elgin in the Teindland Forest.

Scottish Water is asking customers to use buckets and watering cans rather than hosepipes on vehicles and gardens.

It is also advising that washing machines and dishwashers are only used fully-loaded

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s chief operating officer, said: "We are urging everyone living and working locally to take simple, practical and common sense steps to use water wisely.

"In the area served by Badentinan WTW it’s important that people consider their water needs and usage and help us to maintain supplies in the area.

"We’re committed to maintaining public water supplies across the country and are taking a number of steps to ensure they can be maintained.

"We need the community to support this by thinking about how water is used and to take some practical actions to make sure we can keep the water cycle flowing."

Advice is available at or by calling the customer helpline on 08000 778778.

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