Published: 28/11/2017 17:30 - Updated: 28/11/2017 14:00

Kez Watch in the jungle

Written byLeanne Murray

KEZIA Dugdale, former leader of the Scottish Labour Party and former Elgin Primary School pupil, has been in the jungle for almost a week now.

Kezia Dugdale is doing well in the jungle.
Kezia Dugdale is doing well in the jungle.


Her father, Jeff Dugdale, a retired teacher in Elgin, who still lives in Moray, has been tweeting in support of his daughter:

Miss Dugdale has faced two bush tucker challenges against Iain Lee since she has been in the jungle as a late entrant, along with the radio host and comedian.

This includes her first trial where they had to go through such things as fish guts, cockroaches, crabs and frogs for a chance to become Jungle Prime Minster, which split the camp in half.

Sunday’s Live Trial included her having to drink two smoothies of liquidised bull’s penis and another of ostrich and pig’s anus.

I'm a Celebrity is on STV at 9pm tonight.

Look out for another update on Wednesday.

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