Published: 16/04/2014 17:50 - Updated: 16/04/2014 18:01

Major fire evacuation exercise for Elgin entertainment venue

A MAJOR fire evacuation exercise will see ‘casualties’ rescued from a smoke-filled nightclub premises in Elgin.

Joanna's Nightclub will be the scene of a major fire exercise.
Joanna's Nightclub will be the scene of a major fire exercise.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus will put their training to the test in the mock drill on Thursday night.

The Joanna’s Nightclub, Downtown USA, Zed Bar and Moray Playhouse Cinema complex will be the venue for the exercise which will involve up to five fire appliances.

Firefighters will be setting up equipment inside the premises from around 4.30pm and the mock emergency call will come in just before 7pm.

That will see appliances despatched to the venue where firefighters will face the scenario of multiple casualties in a burning building.

Ron Farquharson, Managing Director of the Cairnstar entertainment venue, said the combined capacity of the nightclub, bars and cinema was around 1600.

"The firefighters will be planting dummies and will have to locate them by touch and feel because they will fill the building with smoke," he said.

"We are probably the biggest venue in Moray and we want to help the fire service as much as possible."

Mr Farquharson said the exercise was important in supporting staff to know the procedure in the unlikely event of a major fire happening in real life.

The cinema will be closed for the evening with the simulated evacuation taking place from 7-9pm.

Members of the public in the area at the time are asked to be aware of the increased activity during the exercise.

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