Published: 15/08/2017 15:38 - Updated: 15/08/2017 15:45

Moray solar farm given the green light

 .A SOLAR farm covering around 47 hectares of land and described as a "significant renewable energy development" for Moray has been given the go-ahead.

Elgin Energy EsCo Ltd is behind the solar photovoltaic development for Speyslaw, near Urquhart.

The permission, which was granted by the local authority today, permits an output of up to 50MW of power.

Around 80,000 solar PV modules will be installed and, with each measuring around 1.6m2, two large fields will be required.

Raised just under a metre off the ground, they will be tilted at 25 degrees and set out in lines with gaps in between to allow for maintenance. Sheep will be able to graze between the panels as the cabling will be buried underground and the application states that no trees, hedges or woodland will be removed.

A report placed before members of the local authority’s planning and regulatory services committee stated: "The scheme is in line with local and national policy on the expansion of renewable energy including its contribution to renewable energy targets and the furtherance of a sustainable rural economy within Moray."

No objections were received in relation to the project, which includes a primary substation and 20 inverter substations. Surrounding the farm will be a 2.45 metre deer fence and the application also permits 11 CCTV cameras on 3 metre high poles to allow for surveillance.

Permission has been granted for 31 years, which includes a 30-year operational life-span and one year to enable the site to be restored.

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