Published: 06/07/2018 10:52 - Updated: 06/07/2018 11:14

Moscow State Circus hit by false claims

moscow state circus MOSCOW State Circus has been maliciously targeted by someone falsely claiming its shows are not taking place.

Posters up and down Elgin High Street advertising the circus have had stickers added to them with the word ‘cancelled’.

Marnie Dock, the tour manager of the circus, said: "I can definitely say to everyone that the shows are not cancelled. They are all going ahead as advertised.

"We don’t know why anybody would do this. It’s never happened to us before and it’s very disappointing.

"It’s been a very busy morning going round town taking all the stickers down."

The performers at the Moscow State Circus are all Russian. Its big top will be at Lossie Green, near the Elgin City ground, until Tuesday.

Tickets (from £12 and upwards for adults, and £8 and upwards for children) can be booked at 02033 753970.

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