Published: 30/09/2017 16:21 - Updated: 29/09/2017 16:25

No bail-out for Buckie bus service

MORAY Council has confirmed it will not step in to cover the shortage of buses in and around Buckie.

Babs Dial-a-Bus, which is based in the town, closed earlier this month due to a lack of funding after 17 years on the go.

Councillor Sonya Warren, who represents the Buckie ward, asked whether the local authority’s Dial M service has the capacity to cope with the extra demand.

She added: "Would there be an option to take people to the rail station in Keith to allow them to attend hospital appointments in Aberdeen?

"And are there any options to expand the Dial M service in Buckie?"

The council’s transport manager Nicola Moss replied: "We have no information from Babs about the number of people affected.

"We’re very keen to support any community transport organisation that wishes to operate in the area, and will do so to the best of our abilities.

"As members are aware, the numbers of buses we have now are operating at their maximum, and there is no additional resource within the council.

"We haven’t got anything we can deploy to meet a need."

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