Published: 11/11/2017 06:18 - Updated: 10/11/2017 13:28

Pam's fighting fit 60 years on

A FITNESS instructor is celebrating 60 years in her dream job.

Pam Watson who lives in Forres has been helping people stay in trim all her adult life.

She started her career when she was 19, taking Fitness League classes in Oxford and Swindon, but her involvement with the organisation.

Pam said: "My mum was a member and used to go to a club in Surbiton in Surrey.

"I would go with her and started the junior class when I was nine, and moved to the adult class when I was 13."

Pam took on classes in Walton-on-Thames and Aldershot in the 1970s before moving to Moray.

She started the Elgin sessions in 1976 and the Forres ones the following year, and both are still going strong.

Pam said: "There must have been thousands of people over the years, and I’ve got 50 on the books in Forres and 20 in Elgin.

"In the 1980s when step (aerobics) was popular attendance took a bit of a dip, but I found people came back.

"There was also a dip when Zumba was popular but not so much, and people found they could do that and my class as well.

"We do a warm up and some stretching, tone our bums pull our tummies in and work on our abdominal area and core.

"It’s about keeping mobile, muscle strengthening and it’s a bit of fun."

Pam recently received her certificate from the Fitness League for her six decades of service.

She said: "I’ve been thinking about retiring for the last three years but I’ve not got round to it.

"I’m still reasonably able and I’m still enjoying it.

"But I’m thinking it’s time, and I’m on the lookout for someone who will be able to take over maybe next year.

"I’m lucky, this is what I always wanted to do."

Pam holds FLexercise classes in Forres Community Centre on Tuesday mornings from 10am, and at the Eight Acres Hotel in Elgin on Thursdays from 2pm.

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