Published: 18/11/2013 15:44 - Updated: 18/11/2013 15:54

Plea for Moray libraries

‘DON’T take our libraries away’ was the plea from residents opposing closure plans by Moray Council.

Fighting for their library; protestors at Cullen: Photo by Daniel Forsyth.
Fighting for their library; protestors at Cullen: Photo by Daniel Forsyth.

People in Cullen turned out in force on Monday to voice their concerns at the proposal by the Independent-Conservative administration to close seven rural libraries.

Local mum Jenny Campbell said: "People are worried what will happen if the library goes.

"Cullen is a hub of tourists in the summer and they rely on libraries for information."

The SNP opposition will present a motion opposing the libraries closures at a meeting of the council on Wednesday.

The Nationalists’ education spokesman, Councillor Mike Shand, said: "Libraries are a hugely important part of our culture, they are much more than just a repository of books, they are a centre of learning and are intrinsic to our education system.

"Our libraries are valued by communities large and small because they provide access to learning to people of all ages, because they contribute enormously to the reading abilities of our youngsters and because they are staffed by experienced, knowledgeable individuals, whose advice and support guide people in accessing a host of other council services.

"Independent and Tory Councillors have a choice on Wednesday - they can either support their own local communities or they can choose to fight them."

The administration has insisted that Moray will retain an adequate library network even if it closes seven of its 15 libraries.

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