Published: 17/05/2018 15:36 - Updated: 21/05/2018 09:05

Portessie included in Moray Council's flood response as a high risk area

MORAY Council have now included Portessie as a potentially vulnerable area which will allow for more money for flooding defences. Storm

The village will now be included in the Moray Council’s response to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)'s  flood risk management 2018 consultation.

Portgordon has been previously recommended, but now Portessie will also be included, with both villages experiencing the same kind of flooding problems.

SNP Councillor Sonya Warren said: “Portessie and Portgordon residents have suffered several flood events over the years, caused by overtopping of waves and high tides during severe sea conditions.

“Getting Portessie properly recognised as being vulnerable funding is really important is making the case for investment in better flood defences for the community and I hope that SEPA will include the Council’s recommendations on Potentially Vulnerable Areas like Portessie when it publishes the updated Flood Risk Management plan.

“The Council’s engineers and technicians have a huge breadth of knowledge gathered through their own observations and from the experiences of residents and businesses and this is an important step in the process of getting more investment in flood defences."

Conservatice Cllr Tim Eagle said: “Local residents have understandably expressed concern about flooding. I very much hope that this announcement goes some way to alleviating that anxiety.

"However, we have to accept that without extra support from the Scottish Government it will be very difficult for Moray Council to carry out all the works we would like to undertake to protect our coastal communities.

"It is a hugely expensive business and the local government funding package we receive does not seem to take into account the extra costs councils with long coastlines, like Moray, incur in protecting their communities.”

Moray MP, Douglas Ross added: “It is very important that residents in our coastal communities are provided with as much reassurance as possible when it comes to flooding.

"I appreciate that money is very tight when it comes to the council’s budget so it is good to see that despite the financial challenges, Moray Council have been able to support measures in Portessie.”

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