Published: 22/06/2014 13:07 - Updated: 20/06/2014 16:59

Portgordon houses refused

Councillor Margo Howe backed two of the applications
Councillor Margo Howe backed two of the applications

PLANS to build nine houses in a coastal village have been rejected.

Three separate applications – each for three houses – on the sea front at Portgordon, submitted by Gemma Campbell, went before members of the planning and regulatory services committee.

Officers had recommended refusal of the applications on the grounds that they would result in an overdeveloped and cramped appearance on the seaward side of the village.

The applicant had also failed to demonstrate that the proposed homes would not be at risk from coastal flooding.

One of the applications for houses on the north-east end of Shore Street was rejected unanimously.

The two others – the first on land between garages at the end of Cathcart Street and the other to the rear of 24-40 Gordon Street – split opinion.

Margo Howe, SNP councillor for Fochabers Lhanbryde, questioned officers’ concerns over flooding, as neither SEPA or the Moray Flood Alleviation Team had objected to the proposals.

Neal MacPherson, principal planning officer, said that although the area was not included on coastal flood risk maps, a storm late last year resulted in houses in the areas being damaged.

He added that although there had been a submission from Miss Campbell, who had been asked to provide information on mitigation for site specific flood risk, it was too late to be included as part of the report.

Councillor Howe questioned whether the area was in danger of flooding, adding that it would take a "tsunami" to reach some of the properties.

Committee chairman, Councillor Douglas Ross (Fochabers Lhanbryde), said: "It’s water. It’s wet. It floods. It’s a concern."

Councillor Howe failed by one vote in her attempt to have the two applications approved.

The committee rejected the plans by seven votes to six.

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