Published: 17/05/2014 09:00 - Updated: 16/05/2014 11:36

Repairs completed on Lossiemouth's storm-hit seawall

Waves pound into Station Park in the midst of the December storm.
Severe storms had damaged the wall at Station Park.

REPAIRS to Lossiemouth’s damaged seawall costing £450,000 have been completed.

The wall, near the leisure park, was breached by heavy seas during stormy weather in December, 2012.

Giant waves also caused damage to Station Park on the landward side.

The sea forced a hole several metres wide in the stone wall, leaving the park submerged in water.

Moray Council plugged the breach before deciding on a £450,000 permanent repair, with around £225,000 coming from the Scottish Government.

Specialist contractors have completed the work and handed the site back to the local authority ahead of what it is hoped will be a busy tourist season for the town.

The majority of the stone was recovered from the collapsed section of wall, with the remaining new stone coming from a quarry near Burghead.

John Cowe, councillor for Heldon and Laich, who also chairs the council’s economic development and infrastructure services committee, said he was delighted the permanent repair had been completed.

"We continue to be grateful to the Scottish Government for its funding contribution and for allowing us an extension to the deadline for spending the money when things got behind schedule because of the winter weather," he said.

"The damage occurred in a prominent position on the Lossiemouth seafront, and it was not the sort of image that we wanted to project to visitors to the town.

"But the seawall has been reinstated, as has Station Park, and hopefully it

will be spared that sort of damage in the future."

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